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Welcome to the OCEAN project

Open ContEnt Aware Networks (OCEAN)

The OCEAN project, funded by the European Commission, focuses on the "Networked Media and 3D Internet" strategic objective of the ICT 4th call of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

OCEAN aims to find solutions to the imminent problem of multimedia content traffic clogging up the future aggregation networks, when the offering of online video of high quality over the Open Internet continues to increase.

  • OCEAN will design a new open content delivery framework that optimizes the overall quality of experience to end-users by caching content closer to the user than traditional CDNs do and by deploying network-controlled, scalable and adaptive content delivery techniques.
  • The OCEAN architecture will clearly define light-weight signalling protocols and public interfaces between its major building blocks in order to foster multi-vendor solutions and contribute to cut down content delivery cost.
  • OCEAN will elaborate business strategies providing better investment incentives to the different types of players in the value chain (content providers, Internet service providers, CDN service providers and industrials).
  • OCEAN will build innovative self-learning caching algorithms that meet the specifics of the highly unpredictable location and time-dependent consumption patterns and dynamically adapt to the rising popularity of future delivery services.
  • New media-aware congestion control mechanisms based on slight, but controlled quality degradation will provide a better alternative than mere blocking of user requests.
  • The validity and performance of these algorithms and mechanisms will be assessed through simulations, large-scale emulations and a trial in a real ISP network.

Beyond the committed deliverables, acquired knowledge and developed IPR, the ultimate success of the OCEAN project will be the widespread adoption of its recommendations and innovations by the market stakeholders. Dissemination actions will be decisive to achieve this goal.


To obtain information on the site, please contact : Mr Yannick Le Lou├ędec.

If you have any problem, contact us.







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